Hiking the volcano Stromboli from Lipari



climbing / hiking the stromboli

Starting from Lipari around 12:00

we will see the east coast of Lipari with the Pomice then Panarea islands with the bay of  Cala Junco a short  stay in the village of Panarea

then continue navigating through the arcipelago  of Panarea

then Stromboli  where you meet the  Stromboli guide the slope is 3 hours and the descent 2 hours and we will return to Lipari

arrival and departure time changes depending on the period

You must reach the top of the stromboli before dark

you must have : hiking shoes, flashlight with spare batteries, a spare t-shirt, a  wind/waterproof jacket, a bottle of water and something to eat

( all equipments  you may hire on stromboli)

reservation is required